A Burning Question: How To Ensure Compliance of Your High-Efficiency Appliances

For Residential Heating and Plumbing Technicians, and Commercial Contractors, Engineers, and Building Maintenance Personnel.  If you work with condensing heating appliances, you need to read this free white paper!

Although high-efficiency appliances are a game-changer to effectively bring heat to our homes and buildings, they come with one small, yet concerning, side effect: acidic condensate. If left untreated, it can cause damage to a building’s infrastructure, local sewage systems, and the environment.  However, the industry has found an easy solution that can be implemented with the installation of high-efficiency appliances.

  • What is Acidic Condensate?
  • The Damage Acidic Condensate Causes
  • A Simple Solution to Treat Acidic Condensate
  • Condensate Neutralizers

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