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      JJM® condensate neutralizers are trusted by engineers, contractors, and service technicians to ensure the safe treatment of acidic condensate produced by today's high-efficiency appliances in compliance with industry, federal, state, and local codes.

      Manufactured In Massachusetts

      JJM®’s condensate neutralizers are purpose-built and designed to perform in critical applications for the heating and plumbing industries. JJM® neutralizers are industrial strength, versatile, and easy to install and service in the field. Protecting facilities and the environment.


      • K-Series blends industrial strength with a lightweight and compact inline tube design, featuring the lowest inlet on the market.
      • CBM-Series features a streamlined profile and transparent capsule, and ranging from residential to light commercial installations.
      • JM-Series built with PVC components to withstand the toughest conditions, developed with PVC components, this heavy-duty inline tube neutralizer is designed specifically for larger commercial installations.
      • NB-Series is a heavy-duty tank neutralizer built for demanding commercial installations where a small footprint is warranted.
      • NBT-Series is our versatile line of tank neutralizers that ranges from residential to light commercial installations. Easily serviceable with a removable lid, NBT-Series neutralizers are well-suited for most standard operating site conditions.
      • V-Series is the vertical mount solution from JJM® that is ideal for single and multi-unit residential installations where space is limited.

      Why Buy JJM®

      A JJM® condensate neutralizer is a reliable, purpose‐built solution that works with high‐efficiency, gas-fired appliances to safely treat and discharge condensate into the plumbing system. Learn more about JJM® condensate neutralizers:


      Provide the complete solution for condensing appliance installation and service.


      Be a preferred thought leader in the heating and plumbing industry by ensuring every condensing installation is safe and code‐compliant.


      Be a part of rapid growth in the neutralizer market—3‐5x in the coming years!


      Earn recurring sales from pH Power Pellets®, refills of our proprietary media that should be replaced every 6‐12 months

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