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Condensing, High-Efficiency Appliances Are Game-Changers, But…

Condensing heating appliances, such as boilers, furnaces, and hot water heaters, are necessary equipment to affordably and effectively bring heat to our homes and buildings. However, they come with one small, yet concerning, side effect: acidic condensate, a byproduct of high-efficiency combustion. If left untreated, it can cause damage to a building’s infrastructure, local sewage systems, and the environment.

JJM® Condensate Neutralizers are an Affordable Must-Have in Most Homes

Many homeowners and residential service technicians remain unaware of the potential damage from acidic condensate and the easy treatment solution. If untreated, acidic condensate can cause extensive damage, including erosion of floors, drains, and concrete foundation; corrosion of pipes; pollution of surrounding environment and groundwater; and destruction of wastewater infrastructure, including sewers, pipes, and septic systems. These issues can necessitate costly repairs. For instance, condensate corrosion can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage in homes where sewer lines run under the foundation slab. JJM® condensate neutralizers are affordable, purpose-built solutions that ensure condensing heating appliances can safely operate, protecting homes and the environment.

Heating and Plumbing Service Technicians Should Routinely Maintain JJM® Condensate Neutralizers

Plumbing codes require that homes with a high-efficiency appliance treat acidic condensate before discharging it into the wastewater system. Installation and service technicians of boilers, furnaces, and water heaters should also install neutralizers to remain compliant. Technicians also play a role in protecting homes and upholding local and national plumbing codes. They should regularly service neutralizers by replacing the neutralizer media at least once annually. Replacing neutralizer media should be considered a standard part of the maintenance visits alongside other routine services, such as furnace inspection or air filter replacement. As a result, service technicians ensure compliance and protection for homeowners while creating a recurring revenue opportunity for their business.