Model CBM-225

Our best-seller, the CBM-225 is a compact inline tube neutralizer that is well-suited for most residential installations of high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances with a low condensate drain, and rated for 225 MBH.

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CBM-Series Features

The CBM-Series features a streamlined profile and transparent capsule, which enables operators and service technicians to visibly inspect the efficacy of the neutralization process. The CBM-Series is easily serviced in the field via our factory-direct refill pre-charged with pH Power Pellets®.

Model CBM-225 Benefits

  • The Model CBM-225 is one of the most versatile to install, it can either be wall or floor-mounted.
  • Purpose-built with its low-profile design for high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances with low condensate drain.

Product Application

The Model CBM-225 is well-suited for most residential installations of high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances such as condensing boilers, furnaces, and hot water heaters up to 225 MBH.

Protecting Properties



The effects of untreated acidic condensate can develop quickly, corroding copper or iron pipes or floor drains in a matter of months, not years. Fortunately, condensate neutralizers are relatively inexpensive, and they can save property owners from expensive damage. 

Condensate neutralizers are quick and easy to install, at the time of the high-efficiency, gas-fired appliance installation or annual maintenance. They must be installed by a licensed, trained Installer or Service Technician.

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Model CBM-225 Specifications

Part #5002

MBH 225
Flow Rate 1.70 GPH
Inlet Port .5” or .75”
Outlet Port .5” or .75”
Mounting Floor/Wall
pH Power Pellets® Refill CBM-225R Part #6002

How To Buy

Condensate neutralizers can only be purchased from leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Dealers, and Regional Distributors of Heating and Plumbing Equipment across the United States and Canada. Visit our interactive map to find a JJM® distributor near you!

If your preferred distributor doesn’t carry JJM® yet, simply ask them to contact us info@jjmalkalinetech.com so you can quickly and reliably buy JJM® condensate neutralizers for all of your condensing installations.

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Condensate Neutralizer Maintenance

JJM® condensate neutralizers must be routinely serviced to remain effective. Once a year, Service Technicians should inspect the neutralizer and replace the JJM® pH Power Pellets® (neutralizing media) to continue protection and code compliance. 

When you register a JJM® condensate neutralizer, the neutralizer will be under warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for one year. The warranty does not cover the issues that result from misuse, improper installation, and/or failure to replace the pH Power Pellets® as instructed.

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Leading installers can help solve America’s emerging acidic condensate problem by installing a condensate neutralizer with every high-efficiency, gas-fired appliance. Learn more about our products.